Recent Observations

species location description date comments
Sharp-tailed Grouse Goldstream Valley
(64.890, -147.886)
Trail near turn off toward Matt and Kristen’s 2022‑01‑12
Canada Jay Home On sure feeder 2022‑01‑10
Northern Shrike Home Birch tree next to bird feeders 2022‑01‑06
Moose Home In driveway 2022‑01‑05
Hairy Woodpecker Home Large tube feeder 2022‑01‑03 Male
American Red Squirrel Home Running around in spruce trees near feeders 2022‑01‑03
Common Raven Home Flew over yard 2022‑01‑02
Boreal Chickadee Home On peanut butter feeder 2022‑01‑02
Black-capped Chickadee Home Feeders 2022‑01‑02
Pine Grosbeak Home On tube feeder 2022‑01‑02
Red Fox Home Near snow stick 2021‑12‑04
Northern Shrike Home Birch near feeders 2021‑11‑11

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