Recent Observations

species location description date comments
Spruce Grouse Home Railroad near the driveway 2023‑09‑19
Spruce Grouse Home Near red cabin 2023‑09‑13
Snowshoe Hare Front 40
(64.892, -147.881)
Opposite thermokarst acres 2023‑09‑01
Varied Thrush Home Back cabin near bridge 2023‑08‑31
Yellow-shafted Flicker Front 40
(64.891, -147.880)
Near rental driveway 2023‑08‑24
Belted Kingfisher Home Landed on house eave 2023‑08‑23
Belted Kingfisher Home Along creek 2023‑08‑23
Northern Waterthrush Home In dog yard next to barn ramp 2023‑08‑07 Dead on ground
Wood Frog Home Next to back cabin 2023‑07‑17
Red Fox Home Ran across railroad drive 2023‑07‑13
Great Horned Owl Home Flushed on back cabin path 2023‑07‑07 Landed on creek height beam
Red-tailed Hawk Home Flew over woodshed 2023‑07‑04 Harassed by kestrel

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