Mallard (MALL)

location description date comments
Home Creek near bridge 2024‑04‑29 Pair
Home Behind back cabin 2024‑04‑24
Home Creek in front of back cabin 2023‑05‑11 Pair, entered the creek near height sensor
Home Creek behind back cabin 2023‑05‑03 Male
Home Slough 2022‑05‑10 Male
Home On the slough 2022‑05‑05 Pair
Home Creek near the bridge 2021‑05‑17 Pair
Home Creek downstream of the bridge 2021‑05‑06
Home Old swimming spot 2021‑05‑01
Home Creek between house and back cabin 2020‑05‑10
Home Creek in front of the house 2020‑05‑09
Home In the slough near the dog yard 2020‑05‑08
Home Creek between house and back cabin 2020‑05‑07
Home On the creek near the house 2020‑05‑05
Home In the slough 2020‑04‑21
Home On the creek 2020‑04‑19 Male and female
Home On slough 2019‑05‑03
Creamers Field (64.860, -147.737) Fields 2019‑04‑13
Home On the creek 2018‑05‑03 Pair
Creamers Field (64.860, -147.737) Front field 2018‑04‑27
Home Flushed from just past deck stairs 2017‑04‑28 Pair
Home In the creek 2016‑04‑14 Pair
Home Swimming on the Creek 2015‑10‑15
Home Behind back cabin 2015‑05‑23 Pair
Home Creek in front of back cabin 2015‑04‑25 Pair
Creamers Field (64.862, -147.738) sidie pond 2015‑04‑18
Peat Ponds (64.911, -147.935) None 2014‑05‑25
Creamers Field (64.861, -147.740) Front fields 2013‑05‑07
Home On the Creek 2012‑04‑27 Pair
Home Slough 2012‑04‑24 Male
Creamers Field (64.860, -147.738) Front fields 2012‑04‑21
Home In slough next to dog yard 2011‑04‑28 Pair
UAF Pond at Sheep Creek and Extension 2011‑04‑23
Home On the Slough 2010‑05‑27 Male
Home Pair flying overhead 2010‑05‑04
Peat Ponds On water 2010‑05‑02
Creamers Field Front ponds 2010‑04‑24
Creamers Field Fields, flying over 2010‑04‑11
Homer Beluga Slough trail 2009‑05‑09
Homer Mud Bay 2009‑05‑08
Creamers Field Front fields 2009‑05‑01
Home In the Creek behind the back cabin 2008‑07‑07 Mom and many (8?) ducklings
Home Slough 2008‑05‑04

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