Lincoln’s Sparrow (LISP)

location description date comments
Home Near yellow bus 2024‑05‑17
Home Near dog island 2024‑05‑11
Home Singing across slough 2023‑05‑05
Home On deck railing near big birch tree 2022‑08‑09
Home Near compost 2022‑05‑26
Home On the deck 2021‑08‑19
Home Heard from the deck 2020‑05‑09
Home Birch tree past deck 2019‑09‑01
Home None 2019‑05‑17
Home Heard from sliding door 2019‑05‑16
Home In tray feeder 2018‑08‑04
Front 40 (64.894, -147.875) Across slough toward road 2016‑05‑10
Home In willow off deck railing 2015‑07‑05
ABR (64.912, -147.933) None 2014‑05‑25
Home All over 2013‑06‑02
Home Spruce tree next to dog yard 2012‑07‑07
Home In spruce tree near driveway behind dog yard 2012‑05‑26
Home In trees between dog yard and road 2012‑05‑22
Home Trees behind dog yard 2012‑05‑20
Home Near far end of dog yard 2011‑05‑16
Home Near Dog Island 2010‑05‑16
Home Along driveway near new shed 2009‑05‑13
Home In trees along driveway near red cabin 2008‑07‑23
Home On the deck 2008‑07‑22 Baby sparrows
Home Behind dog yard shed 2008‑06‑23
Home Spruce near driveway 2008‑06‑01

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