American Three-toed Woodpecker (ATTW)

location description date comments
Home Power pole opposite compost 2023‑03‑01
Home Near shed 2022‑10‑14
Home Dead tree near old dog boxes 2022‑05‑29
Home Dead spruce near snow board 2022‑03‑26 Male tapping with another down the creek
Home Excavating hole near water tank 2021‑07‑31
Home On water tank 2021‑07‑06 Pair
Home Sliding glass door trim 2021‑04‑19 Male
Home Drumming on window frame 2021‑03‑16
Home Dead spruce next to driveway 2020‑05‑19 Pair of males
Home House power pole 2020‑05‑05
Home Dead spruce tree behind red cabin 2020‑04‑30
Home Power pole 2020‑04‑24 Maybe excavating a nest cavity?
Home Bedroom window trim 2020‑04‑22 Male
Home On our power pole near the end of the driveway 2020‑04‑21
Home West side of the house near fuel tank 2019‑10‑20 Made a roost cavity in the wall
Home Dead spruce next to creek 2018‑05‑13
Home At the deck door 2017‑03‑25 Male
Home Spruce next to red cabin 2017‑03‑09
Home Birch in front of back cabin 2016‑07‑07
Home Dead spruce near Tacoma parking sport 2016‑05‑12
Home Other side of the bridge 2016‑04‑16
Home Spruce on Dog Island 2016‑01‑02 Harassing hawk owl
Home Top of dying birch tree outside dog yard 2015‑09‑05 female
Home Dead spruce near old dog boxes 2015‑06‑13
Goldstream Valley (64.904, -147.861) Spruce off trail 2014‑03‑16
Home On spruce wood pile 2013‑06‑18
Front 40 (64.891, -147.868) Just south of trail 2012‑09‑30
Home In dog yard 2012‑06‑11 Young bird
Home On dead spruce next to driveway 2011‑07‑31
Home Across the Creek, top of spruce 2011‑04‑02
Home On tree next to creek 2011‑03‑07
Home On dead spruce near driveway 2010‑07‑11
Home Flew into junk room window 2009‑09‑24 Rescued by Andrea
Home Tapping on dead tree next to driveway 2009‑03‑09
Home Dead tree next to truck parking spot 2009‑02‑21 Tapping male
Home On uncut firewood 2009‑01‑24
Home Seen on dead spruce 2008‑07‑06 Both male and female
Home On telephone pole 2008‑06‑03
Home Dead spruce near house 2008‑01‑01

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