Red Fox (VUVU)

location description date comments
Home On the slough 2024‑04‑06 Black fox!
Home Ran across railroad drive 2023‑07‑13
Home Other side of the slough 2022‑05‑08
Home Near snow stick 2021‑12‑04
Home Up on the deck! 2021‑10‑23
Home Near green bus 2020‑06‑27
Home Near corner of Railroad and Miller Hill 2020‑05‑22
Home Running on the creek 2018‑12‑26
Front 40 (64.891, -147.881) Ran into rental driveway 2018‑05‑10
Home Running down the creek 2018‑04‑01
Front 40 (64.893, -147.875) Just off trail 2016‑12‑18
Front 40 (64.892, -147.879) Ran down Railroad, went into Front 40 2016‑06‑22 Had prey
Home Moving across Railroad Drive 2016‑05‑09
Front 40 (64.892, -147.878) Ran from RRDR toward rental 2016‑04‑21
Home Next to treatment plant 2012‑05‑21
Home Walking on the trail across the Creek from the back cabin 2011‑08‑25
Front 40 (64.892, -147.878) On Railroad Dr 2011‑07‑17
Home Ran across driveway 2011‑06‑17 Prey item in mouth
Home Walking on the slough 2011‑04‑20
Home By slough next to dog yard 2011‑04‑11
Home Just before driveway 2010‑11‑03 With a vole
Home Trotted across top of driveway 2010‑09‑01
Goldstream Valley On Miller Hill 2010‑08‑09 Pair
Front 40 On Railroad Dr 2010‑08‑02 Male
Home Near bus 2010‑07‑21
Goldstream Valley Miller Hill before cemetery 2010‑06‑24 Two foxes, barking!
Home Crossing RR Dr 2010‑06‑11
Front 40 Running along RR Dr 2010‑05‑20
Home Near Elizabeth shed 2010‑05‑15
Front 40 Along RRDR 2010‑05‑15
Goldstream Valley (64.870, -147.898) Crossing Sheep Creek at Hay Way 2010‑04‑27
Goldstream Valley Miller Hill between Pristash driveways 2010‑04‑19 Two!
Home South of the slough 2009‑04‑12
Home On Railroad Drive 2008‑07‑02 Black tipped ears, seen pouncing in the grass next to the road
Goldstream Valley Crossing the road at the top of Miller Hill 2008‑06‑04

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