Belted Kingfisher (BEKI)

location description date comments
Home Landed on house eave 2023‑08‑23
Home Along creek 2023‑08‑23
Home Along slough towards creek junction 2023‑05‑12
Home Flying past back cabin 2022‑08‑11 Three!
Home Looped over house and dog yard then to creek 2022‑07‑26 Two birds
Home Flying over back cabin 2022‑05‑25
Home Creek near the house 2021‑08‑23
Home Flew from slough to creek 2020‑07‑02
Home Creek between house and red cabin 2019‑08‑01
Home Cruising down the creek in front of the house 2018‑07‑31
Home Dog Island 2017‑08‑29
Home Swimming spot 2017‑08‑17
Home On the bridge 2017‑06‑10
Front 40 (64.892, -147.880) Near corner of MH and RR 2016‑09‑03
Home Moving down the Creek 2015‑06‑19
Home Flying over slough 2014‑05‑27
Home Flying over slough and driveway 2013‑05‑29 2 birds
Home Near edge of Dog Island property 2012‑08‑25
Home Birch tree in dog yard 2012‑08‑05 Chased over dog yard by sandpiper
Home Flew across dog yard 2012‑07‑23
Home Creek 2012‑05‑26
Home On Creek just past new shed 2011‑08‑12
Home Birch behind house on Creek 2011‑08‑06
Home Across the bridge 2011‑05‑25
Airport Ponds Pike's landing 2010‑09‑01
Home Heard from in the house 2010‑08‑28
Home Along creek near red cabin? 2010‑06‑03
Home Sitting on the bridge, then flew upstream 2009‑09‑06
Home On the power line at the end of the driveway 2009‑07‑31
Home Patrolling the Creek around the back cabin 2008‑08‑08
Home In the slough 2008‑07‑31
Home Hunting along creek next to house 2008‑07‑18 Heard calling, watched it perched, saw it diving into the Creek
Home Flying over dog yard toward the Creek 2008‑07‑12
Home Flying over dog yard 2008‑07‑06
Home Flew directly over my head in the driveway 2008‑06‑14
Home In front of the back cabin on an alder across the Creek 2008‑06‑10

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