Northern Red-backed Vole (CLRU)

location description date comments
Home Ran across trail to poop pile 2024‑02‑06
Home Below bird feeders 2023‑04‑08
Home Near STP 2022‑10‑20
Home Under birch tree next to feeders 2021‑10‑15
Home Seeds on the ground below west feeders 2021‑01‑01
Home West of the house running on the snow 2020‑04‑09
Home West of the house 2019‑10‑26
Home Rock pile near dog yard gate 2019‑05‑16
Home West side of the house 2018‑04‑28
Home On the pile of snow over the edge of the creek 2017‑04‑29
Home Trail behind the house 2017‑02‑01
Home Hopped over the trail behind STP 2016‑04‑23
Home Behind STP 2015‑04‑09
Home Under birch tree near feeder 2015‑01‑03
Home West of deck 2014‑05‑04
Home Fence near discharge pipe 2014‑04‑26
Home Behind the house 2013‑04‑27
Home Wood pile near path to poop pile 2012‑05‑04
Home Running along Dog Island side of dog yard fence 2011‑04‑07
Home Behind house 2010‑04‑21 Swam through meltpond!
Home Creek bank 2010‑04‑11
Home At the end of the bridge 2010‑02‑14

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