Great Horned Owl (GHOW)

location description date comments
Home Dog Island 2024‑01‑16
Home Across dog yard 2023‑10‑05 One calling
Home Flushed on back cabin path 2023‑07‑07 Landed on creek height beam
Home On creek height beam 2023‑06‑21
Home Flew across the creek in front of the house 2022‑05‑23
Home Back cabin 2022‑03‑23 Flushed when I opened the cabin door
Home Across the creek 2021‑08‑12 Pair calling
Home Flying near bridge 2021‑06‑17
Home Heard from inside the house 2021‑04‑25
Goldstream Valley (64.890, -147.896) On the creek 2020‑12‑15
Home Birch across slough near dog yard 2020‑06‑24 Harassed by kestrel
Home Near back cabin 2020‑06‑16 Chased by kestrel
Home Flew over trail, perched next to Nika’s pond 2020‑05‑20
Home Spruce tree left of red cabin 2020‑02‑23
Home Dead tree behind red cabin 2020‑02‑22 Pair
Home Sheared off spruce west of the house 2019‑04‑23
Home Tree stump near slough 2019‑04‑21
Home Dog Island 2019‑01‑19 Two calling to each other
Home Top of dead tree between driveway and creek 2018‑09‑11
Home Near red cabin 2018‑09‑03
Home Spruce tree near red cabin 2018‑03‑06 Possibly second bird a bit later on snag behind red cabin
Home Toward David and Jenna''s 2018‑01‑13
Home Heard from bridge 2017‑10‑15
Home Behind red cabin? 2017‑02‑22
Home Tall spruce on Dog Island 2016‑10‑10 Eating prey
Home Dog island 2016‑09‑26 Youngun
Home Outside the window 2016‑08‑27
Home Birch tree between dog yard and slough 2015‑06‑09
Home Top of spruce across Creek 2015‑04‑01
Home Across the Creek 2015‑03‑31 I can hear him through the walls
Home Across the Creek 2015‑03‑29
Home Somewhere in the yard 2014‑09‑04 Hooting frequently
Home Spruce tree by red cabin 2014‑03‑06
Home Perched on dead tree near swimming spot 2013‑06‑17
Home Spruce tree next to red cabin 2012‑04‑19
Home Across Creek behind red cabin 2012‑04‑19
Home In birch between dog yard and slough 2011‑05‑26
Home Pair in trees between house and back cabin 2011‑05‑01
Home On bridge, tree over Creek 2011‑04‑26
Home In spruce by red cabin 2011‑04‑17 Harassed by grey jay
Home Bent spruce on Dog Island, near nest 2011‑04‑02
Home On dead tree behind red cabin 2011‑04‑01
Home Spruce tree across Creek from red cabin 2011‑03‑20 Calling with the brief trumpeting noise to another, also hooting and a high pitched screech
Home On favorite tree by red cabin 2011‑03‑20
Home Usual tree 2011‑03‑13
Home Spruce near red cabin 2011‑02‑02 Pair
Home Behind red cabin on bank 2010‑07‑11
Home Sitting on the bridge 2010‑06‑04
Home In spruce tree at NW of red cabin 2010‑04‑25
Home Nest near back cabin; top of tree across Creek 2010‑04‑24 Two owls: watched one eat a squirrel / hare, traded calls with each other
Home Across the creek 2010‑02‑20
Home In a spruce tree (see photos) 2009‑10‑18
Home In spruce tree next to red cabin 2009‑03‑09 TWO birds
Home Middle of a spruce tree next to the red cabin 2009‑03‑03
Home In woods behind house 2009‑02‑05 Heard two birds duetting
Home Flew from the bridge, behind the red cabin and across the dog yard 2008‑09‑22
Home In the trees to the south 2008‑09‑13
Home Top of spruce tree on Dog Island 2008‑03‑05

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