Hammond’s Flycatcher (HAFL)

location description date comments
Home Behind house 2023‑05‑20
Home Creek side of driveway 2020‑05‑09
Home Outside kitchen window 2018‑05‑20
Home Around yard 2016‑05‑01
Home Near dog yard 2015‑05‑24
Home On birch tree near deck 2014‑05‑11
Home Toward back cabin 2014‑05‑10
Creamers Field (64.867, -147.739) Near seasonal pond 2014‑05‑09
Home Trees next to Creek 2011‑06‑05
Home Side yard west of house 2010‑05‑01
Home Behind the house 2009‑05‑16
Home Alder near deck 2008‑05‑15

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