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273929 Richard Wilson <yorkshireman@y...> 2021‑06‑12 Re: VCI Paper
I can’t help suggesting that this is over thinking.

First - what are you protecting from?   Are the chisels travelling? In a bag? In
a box?  As individuals or is it a chisel family outing?   How long do they need
protecting?  Are these protectors for lifetime use, or just a one or two off
travel/job protection.  Do they have to be slip on and cling on?

As you’re talking vpi then you’re after rust prevention not just edge

Comments so far have pointed out how short lived vpi is, and if you are making
up protectors for the tips, the rest of the blade is open to rusting in humid

The traditional thing would be a tool roll that protects the whole thing, but
leather needs to be  ?vegetable tanned? To be rust safe.  You get something
which keeps them safe from edge damage though.  If you substitute cloth or
canvas for leather, you can impregnate the material with a light oil to keep
rust away.  If you need to use lots of oil, then you may be better to use a non
polymerising oil that will be ok for wooden tool handles if it gets on them.

If you are needing to take some chisels to a work site, I’d go with a roll, ,or
if you are just needing a quick and temporary something, then find some closed
cell foam the kind of stuff used for packing items like computers or printers,
stuff that doesn’t collapse easily.  Cut a chunk as large or small as you want,
jab the blade in -it will hold because the stuff is stiff.  A wrap of tape to
stop it from being able to split out, and the job is done.  Oil your chisel
before you put it in there, and the oil will form a rust averse housing.  You DO
keep an oily rag in a tin if you have a fight with humidity, don’t you?

That last is quick, cheap, replaceable, all the things a galoot looks for.

At the other end of the scale would be a fitted box for as many chisels as are
in your travelling set.

Me?  Cheap and cheerful, respect the edge, every time.

Richard Wilson
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> On 11 Jun 2021, at 17:32, Dan Beck  wrote:
> I was wondering how long the VCI paper would work, and kind of assumed it
wouldn't last long if it "out in the open". That being said, I'm going to give
it a try as an experiment. Chris Schwarz recommended wrapping chisel tips with
painter's tape (sticky side out) and then dipping in Plasi-Dip, and I know
others use things like business cards and Plasti-Dip. If it doesn't work, I'm
really not out anything. I think I'll rob a little VCI paper from some of the
packagings I've received when purchasing other blades.
> -Dan
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