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273954 Paul Fuss <paulfuss1@g...> 2021‑06‑15 hinge question

I am about to start building a box with a drop down front panel (i.e.
hinged at the bottom), to reveal shallow drawers that pull out. Trying to
decide what type of hinges to use for this and am hoping to find something
that will support the panel when open (90 deg. to box front, parallel to
table top) without need for an additional support mechanism, as this would
get in the way of the drawers.

Butler tray hinges would be great except I don't really want the "step"
that these require between the bottom of the box and the front panel when

Quadrant hinges seem to be used primarily to keep top lids from opening
beyond 90 deg. in the vertical position (and not actually supporting any
weight), so I'm not sure they would be suitable for what I'm looking for:

FWIW the sides (~10 x 12") and front panel (~10 x 18") will all be
frame-and-panel construction, with the frames about 5/8" thick.

Any suggestions?
Many thanks,

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