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273959 Phil Washburn <prwashburn1977@g...> 2021‑06‑16 Re: Thanks for the inspiration

There were no tool acquisitions directly associated with this project.  I
have been in the acquisition phase for the past 10 years, working my way
through learning how to best use the tools and rehab them on little
projects here and there.  This was the first attempt at a "major" project
using only hand tools.

The most recent tool purchase used on the project was the Richardson Bros.
ripsaw.  I lucked into it a couple months before the project started.  I
answered a Facebook ad selling a Yankee No. 44 push drill with 7 bits for
about $15.  Not a great price but worth a look if all the bits were there.
When I arrived I found that there were only about 3 different sizes of bits
and the rest were duplicates.  Asked if he had anything else and he started
pulling things out of every corner.  Walked out of there with a dirty but
useable Stanley #7 (large jointer, Jeff), the Richardson's saw, a Bailey
transitional jack plane, and the pushdrill for $50.

If there was one tool I should have purchased it would have been a 1/4" pig
sticker.  Now that would have been a worthwhile addition to the pile of
rust I have accumulated.  Something to look out for, I guess.


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