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273977 Richard Wilson <yorkshireman@y...> 2021‑06‑20 Re: Leather types and contents. WAS:VCI paper/chisel tip protectors
Brian gives us the skinny on leather.

> On 19 Jun 2021, at 23:26, Brian R  wrote:
> With all the talk about the properties of leather I was reminded of an
> article I wrote in April last year:
> http://zengrain.com/leatherwork/leather-types-and-terminologies/

This is great!

I admire leather.  A material that’s been in use ‘forever’ so has an entire eco-
system around it.   I don’t know nearly enough about leather though.  Hearty
thanks Brian, So many variations and specialisms.
Somehow, it reminds me of timber and hand tools.  Same basic stuff, but zillions
of ways of handling it, and specialist skills for particular duties..


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