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274538 Michael Suwczinsky <nicknaylo@g...> 2021‑09‑10 tool sale this (past) weekend - Oakland Whatzit?
Tim S. posted to the Bay Area Galoots (BAGs) sublist about a Labor Day Sale

" This is a truly odd and amazing situation – a tenant in this building (Paul)
has inherited a massive collection of commercial tools that date back to the
1800's. There are lathes, full sets of small tools in their orginal cases --
even 500 hammers, each with a historical specific purpose! There are 1000s of
fascinating items, lovingly collected over the years by a guy in the railroad
business, literally tons of history. Paul honestly believes it is the most
comprehensive collection of tools in the U.S. They are now in a forced sale THIS
WEEKEND by Paul (a close friend of the deceased) due to pressure from... family

I got to visit this sale (and many of the local taco places) a few times over
the weekend and one of the mystery whatzit’s seen includes this one


and Greg’s comments:

Anyone want to help explain to me that push/pull, two-blade scraper plane
looking thing in one of the photos? Looks like it is designed to slide on two
parallel rods, locked in place with that big set screw. Just speculating here...

Thinking back, this tool was in a pile with a couple of Stanley #70 box scrapers
and similar, and was unmarked.

Does anyone have ideas as to what this is for or from?

The sale was two generations of tools, machinery, sheet metal, woodworking etc
and my pics are here


Fun sale, got to see some friends. Now patiently waiting for the BOOKS to go on


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