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274557 Charlie Driggs 2021‑09‑13 Re: Twix Manufacturing Company
Hi Kirk, 

IIRC, Eagle Tool started business 1843 or 1844.  I have their product No. 2
framing square, which increased the heart beat of another Galoot about a decade
ago, although I can’t recall who that was other than he was writing a history of
the Eagle company and their product line and trolling for info on the Porch from
anyone who had one or more of their products.  As I recall, they had a take down
square in their line by or before 1890.  The Archives probably do have a few
postings about Eagle history or origins, and that other party would have a lot
more background on that question.

As for Twix …. the way your post reads, I detect a flavor of Stanley Co. market
behavior — maybe Twix were also buying up smaller competitors or their product
lines after WWII?


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