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274634 John Davis 2021‑09‑27 PATINA Annual Event Oct 16
I saw the PATINA Annual event referenced here about a month ago. Here's more
info. This is the event normally held in March but postponed due to Covid. Local
county requirements currently require masks inside. See
The PATINA Annual Tailgate, "Dealer" sale, and Auction is Oct 16! PASS IT ON! 
Indoor setup will start Oct 15, and continue early, on Oct 16, as more dealers
Anyone can be a "Dealer" inside. Some people set up inside as a hedge against
the rain. In the past, some tools inside were cheaper than outside so don't
assume there are no bargains inside.
Indoor table fees and all Donations are requested to offset the cost of this
event, which far exceeds $3000. If you tailgate only, as a buyer or seller,
please consider making a donation, joining PATINA, or make catchup dues
payments, $15 per year.
We have some better tools in the auction than normal so please attend the
See patinatools.org for info, or late news. Contact murphydave1898@g... asap for
dealer registration.

PATINA Sale & AuctionSchedule

 Friday, 15 October 2021

0900 hrs –PATINA Committee arranges tables in Firehall

1200 - 1900open for dealers to set up; Early Birds may enter ($20).

Saturday, 16 October 2021

0600 - open fordealers to enter and set up

0700 - EarlyBirds enter to shop ($20)

0800 - doorsopen for general public 

1400 – 1700 -Auction

Presumably, we will be back to March in 2022. As with any 501(C)(3) Charitable
Organization, PATINA needs help with the auction, a new website that we can then
update, and backup staff for the leadership team. Please consider helping so we
can continue operating what is now a 40+ year tool association.
Thanks,John DavisPatina Program Director/VP
274680 John Davis 2021‑10‑11 Re: PATINA Annual Event Oct 16
Here are some links for the PATINA auction this Saturday Oct 16. The tools
consigned are better than what we have received in a long time.

Some dealer tables are still available inside so Contact murphydave1898@g...
asap for dealer registration.
274723 John Davis 2021‑10‑19 Re: PATINA Annual Event Oct 16
Some photos of the PATINA event were shared by an attendee. I assume you can get
to this url. I hope the photos get posted on our website at patinatools.org.


I was there for two days and didnt see half this stuff! 

Many thanks to those buyers and sellers that attended. Thanks to those that
joined, or gave a donation.
There was half mile of tools and some amazing wood slabs. The rain held off just
long enough so they event was a success.

Savvy dealers (mostly) hung around and got good buys in the auction.

Many attendees commented that didn't like the cold weather that goes along with
the March event, but they also said they liked that PATINA kicks off the tool
season. I expect we will return to a March date if we can collect auction


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