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275109 Gye Greene <gyegreene@g...> 2022‑01‑18 Brisbane, Austria Galoots -- Giveaway -- Ping me off list?

I'm an inactive list member. ;)

I live in SE Brisbane (just outside of Capalaba).  Am doing  a massive tidy
-- getting rid of a handful of backsaws (nothing fancy), probably some
handsaws and misc chisels as well (old, "usesrs").  *Giveaway* to a good
home (don't want to sell them to antique shops -- they'll just end up
bolted to the wall of a Bed & Breakfast).

Also some chunks of wood that I split (to minimize cracking/checking) years
ago, that I'm realizing I'm not going to get to (not doing as much WW; will
probably turn back to it later).  Also some wattle (reddish-brown) from a
recent tree.

There may be 2-3 "rounds" of this transaction, as I discover hidden stashes
-- so people closer to the Wynnum-Redlands would probably be more amenable
to the trip.

First to respond gets a higher priority.  :)


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