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276924 Tony Seo 2023‑01‑21 Winter 2023 Jacktown Blue Mountain Cabin Fever Show & Flea Market
I got up bright and early to head off to the Winter 2023 Jacktown Blue
Mountain Cabin Fever Show & Flea Market this morning.  It was 32 F (like
0C for you non-English speakers) with no wind when I hit the road and
pretty much stayed there the whole time I was out hunting.  I got there
a little before 6:00 AM and walked around until 8:45 AM.

This was the view when I arrived, they do have lights around the field
area, but one still need a flashlight (torch) for the hunt.


They lit the annual Jacktown bonfire and as always, it was a big one.


It was cloudy, but the clouds had a bit of a morning glow to them.



You can see the bonfire was it was slowly burning down, it still was
throwing lots of heat.


Who dat?


Pickings were pretty good, but I was unloading the wallet, as fast as I
was loading the truck.  The hammer and blacksmith pile, at the top is a
nice French blacksmith hammer in good shape, a wood carving mallet, a
collectible cobbler's or bookbinder's hammer with the original handle
that has a kind of unique repair to it, a small cross peen hammer that
needs a little work on the peen, a jeweler's cross peen hammer that
needs a cleaning, a neat looking tinsmith panel hammer head, another
small cross peen hammer, a blacksmith anvil cutting hardie, and a
blacksmith top tool with a very narrow groove on the face.


On the measuring side of things, there is a nice clean 2 ft blacksmith
brass folding rule, a hand forged divider, a signed machinist hand vise,
a pair of Starrett Fay pattern calipers, a Fox Tool Co NYC toolmaker's
inside caliper, an older divider that is signed, but I can't read it
just yet, a Starrett 2" toolmaker's divider, a Utility Mfg Philadelphia
inside caliper, a Starrett 9 inch No. 600 rule that needs cleaning, a
metric vernier machinist depth gage, and 3 Union Tool calipers.


Other trades include a pair of fairly good bark spuds with the original
handles, a user crafted cooper's croze, a early hand forged cooper's
adze, an older small double caliper and neat small parallel clamp that
missed the previous pile, a Tweco brass Lug Set block, and a patented
pliers wrench, that I can't remember the name right off.


Woodworking tools, there is a fairly clean Stanley No. 2101A 10 inch
sweep brace, a 7" draw knife, a Stanley SW No 63 spoke shave, an
unmarked try and mitre square, Stanley countersink bit that came with
the brace, a small saw, might be a Crown Tools, a bevel that looks like
a Stanley type one, and a nice looking Stanley Type 2 bevel square.  All
in all a pretty good load for the time spent.


Tony (who is feeling the effects of the past couple of months of not
doing much in the way of long outdoor walks...)

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