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276933 Phil E. <pedgerton66@g...> 2023‑01‑24 Re: Table questions
Thanks to Paddy and Frank F. and others for the replies! The table top is
two slabs each 18" by 5 ft. and joined together. The slabs are 5/4
thick with some beautiful feather figure. I plan to leave them live-edged
on the outsides. The top will go onto an already made trestle table base
which has two cross-top supports. I thought to use screws through them
(slotted holes and washers) to keep it flat. I want it to be a bit longer
than 5 ft. so I'm thinking of applying breadboard ends which will also help
against cupping.

Leave it to Paddy to suggest the most expensive finish I've ever heard of
(Grin). Why don't I instead just use ground diamonds in whale oil binder
since I DO plan to make it a fancy schmancy ode to walnut. Why Not?? (Heh
heh). I may use a mixture of tung oil, linseed oil, and varnish. I've
used it before but not on table tops. Anybody know how to polymerise tung

Again, thanks for suggestions. My old mountain neighbor used to say, "I get
all the advice I can, then I do exactly as I please!" Ha.

Phil E.

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