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277116 Dennis Heyza <michigaloot@c...> 2023‑03‑21 Re: Blackburn Tools
One of the reasons I've been a bit hesitant to pull the "refund" trigger is the
fact I paid using PayPal. I'm not sure of their inner workings but wondered if
saying, "no product, no communication and it's all over the Internet" would
cause them to shut him off and I don't want to be that big a jerk. On the other
hand, that could be considered a public service.

BTW, I did some Google searches and found similar complaints on a number of
forums going back multiple years. Wish now I'd checked before ordering but
trusted him based on a long ago purchase.


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This subject came up a while back on a woodworking forum. Guy was waiting over a
year for a frame saw with similar lack of communication and, he too, paid up
front. Forum member’s responses were mixed; some supported Isaac and some, like
me, said cancel the order and demand a refund.

Maybe 4-5 years ago I was interested in his Rake MasterII saw sharpening device.
I emailed him about lead time and didn’t get a response. Tried again a few
months later and still no response so I wrote him off. Part of doing business is
responding to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Failure to do so reveals a
negative side about that business that causes me to look elsewhere.

Word on the street has it that Isaac is also involved in Accu-Burr and appears
to be devoting much of his attention to that aspect of his business to the
detriment of his other endeavors - and his customers.

Good luck,
Developing cabin fever in San Francisco while listening to CCR’s “Who’ll Stop
the Rain”

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