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94202 Gary Roberts <groberts@s... 2001‑06‑18 Woodmunchers, vinegar and Kierkegard
One of the nice finds at last Brimfield was a fixed fence, early 19th 
C raising plane, no name but clean and neat body. Needs a new wedge 
and a new tote too. There are three or four worm holes. Nothing that 
I can see active (the old plastic bag test... encase it and wait to 
see if the little buggers kick their worm-doo-doo out the exit ramp) 
but I do want to strike fear and loathing into them if they are alive.

It occurred to me that the method I use to zap ants and other 
crawling insects in and outside of the house might work. Straight 
clear vinegar spells death to most bugs (even a little poured in 
standing water will knock off the mosquito larvae). Or even some 
acetone injected into the tunnel in tough cases.

I wonder if this might work for this case were-in there are only a 
few exit holes. Inject the liquid just to make sure that nothing 
lives within.

Any ideas on this?


Gary Roberts 

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