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Writing Sheets and Templates

Here's a set of writing sheets and templates you can use to practice your italic writing, or guide your hand on unlined paper. Each sheet contains a series of boxes that represent the height of a lower case letter. You can see how to use these by looking at the writing samples at the bottom of the page.

The first set of files are used for practice, and are meant to be used directly. The second set (template files) are the same boxes as the first set, except with solid lines. You can use these under a blank sheet of paper, as a guide for your writing.

The last set (thick template files) are the same template files as the previous set, but the lines are twice as thick, which should make it easier to see under thicker papers.

All files were created using the Unix tool xfig, and converted to PDF format using the Ghostscript tool ps2pdf.

While I retain the Copyright on these sheets, you may use them for anything you like, private or commercial. Click on the Copyright image at the bottom of the screen for more specific details. You'll probably need a PDF viewer such as xpdf, gv or Adobe Acrobat Reader to print them. When printing from an application like Acrobat Reader, be sure to un-check the box labelled "size to fit paper" because this will shrink the page. Correctly printed, these pages have a left margin of 1 cm.

Other Pen pages:


Writing Samples

[ Writing sample 1 ] [ Writing sample 2 ]

Here's a couple of my practice sheets. The inks are Aurora blue, J. Herbin coffee brown, Private Reserve Avacado, Aurora black, Private Reserve Fiesta Red, and Waterman purple. I'm practicing my italic writing (from Write Now) using three pangrams.