sun, 01-apr-2012, 14:59


Long before Nika and Piper died, we had planned on taking one of the dogs that Andrea’s mushing parter didn’t want, a large hound mix named Lennier (the litter was named after characters in the Babylon 5 television series). Even though we are still mourning our loss, we didn’t feel like it was a reason not to give another dog a chance in our home. He’s a yearling dog, and is a big boy, a couple inches taller than Buddy, and quite a bit longer. At the moment he is all legs, but he may still grow into his body.

Last night was a pretty taxing affair, with him too curious and excited to relax for even a minute, and a trio of cats very scared of the new resident. He has been better today, and is even sleeping on the floor at my feet right now. He appears to be mostly curious about the cats, but unfortunately, his only real experience with them so far is when they’re running away at warp speed, tails puffed.

In time, I’m sure he’ll get used to his new life, and will become part of the family. Welcome, Lennier!

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